Bike Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your bike is going to keep it performing at its’ best as well as for longer! By keeping on top of the maintenance required you will have a considerably longer relationship with your bike. Not only this but you are going to save money in parts further down that track if you maintain yours.

Riding a well maintained bike is an experience and it’s not until you’ve ridden one that is poorly kept or if you have recently serviced your own bike. So in the following post I’ll share my top tips for keeping your bike well maintained.

Clean your Bike Regularly

Hot soapy water and a simple sponge is all you’ll need to keep your bike nice and clean. In addition to this you can use a de-greaser on the chain. Once you have washed and rinser the bike you can also add a lubricant to the gears and the chain.

It is very important to wash your bike after riding in wet and cold weather where corrosive materials can fly up from the road onto your bike. This includes salts used on roads in the winter. It may seem like it’s not a big deal but it really is! Something as simple as wiping down your bike can do wonders for the longevity.

Check your Tire’s

Look for any wear and tear on your tires before and after rides. Catching these early can save you the hassle of fixing a puncture while out and about. You may have debris and other items lodged in your tires and be completely unaware. You also should check the tyre pressure and make sure it is in line with the recommended psi. If they are over inflated you have a high risk of pinch punctures as well as an uncomfortable ride. If they are too soft then peddling feels like such a challenge!

Check your Brakes

Like the tyres, I check for any signs of wear and tear. These are your lifeline so make sure they are functioning well. If they are overly worn then metal on metal braking never ends well. By checking you brakes you can replace them before they become a huge issue.

Listen for Any Odd Sounds

The headset and cranks can have lateral movement so I always suggest checking for any signs of this. This part of the bike handles the brunt of the torque and pressure so it’s understandable that they come loose from time to time.

Adjust your Saddle

Got a squeaky seat? Does it bother you? Because it drives me insane! If this is the case then remove the saddle, give it a good clean and apply a few drops of oil. Dry it off and put it back on.


Test they all shift freely before setting off on a long ride, most of them are pre-indexed but I always check this. If they start to become stuck or limited in mobility then you can apply some lubricant. These are a critical component to your bike so be sure to take this part seriously.


If you’ve got a squeak chain it can be as simple as applying a light lubricant and wiping away any excess leftover. This is going to stop the squeak and help your chain run smoothly with each rotation.

Best Snorkel Mask in 2019

Snorkeling is one of the most popular recreational hobbies that almost everybody can enjoy. But for you to go snorkeling, you will need to have a snorkeling mask. Of course, you can always rent a snorkeling mask from any nearby dive shop. However, that can be costly especially if snorkeling is your hobby and you would want to use snorkeling mask every now and then.

If you are specifically looking for a full face snorkel mask read our previous article on that. If you are new to snorkeling then getting a good snorkel set is the best place to start.

If you asked me, I would advise you to consider buying your own because this comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, it gives you convenience and you will no longer have to wait for a local dive shop to open. Again, you are the only one who is going to use it, which means that you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

Well, maybe you have already decided to buy your own, but you are not sure which one to buy. If that’s the case, then you can read the following list to choose the best snorkel mask in 2019.

  1. SeeReef Full Face Snorkel

Compared to other snorkel masks on its category, the SeeReef Full Face Snorkel is slightly different.  Apart from providing 180 degree view, the mask also features an HD flat viewing panel, which allows the diver to see everything clearly without any distortion. The mask also features 4 valves and a longer snorkel to make breathing even easier. It also comes with a protective travel bag where you will be keeping your mask. Furthermore, it also has 2 sets of ear plugs.

  1. SeaFin Mask

This snorkeling mask features a 180-degree field of view, a dry top seal and a drain valve. It comes with a protective carrying bag and an extra rubber tube gasket. The best thing is that the parts of this mask have a lifetime warranty.

  1. OutdoorMaster 180-degree Snorkel Mask

This snorkeling mask comes with a frameless design, a 180-degree panoramic view, and anti-fog lens. The mask also features adjustable rubber bands and a separate breathing section fitted with a valve.

  1. Oceanways Superview-HD

If you are the type that prefers things old school, then Oceanways Superview-HD is your perfect snorkeling mask. Just like the name suggests, this mask features high definition single lens. It also comes with a wild field of view, a very soft silicone skirt, and Optical Multicoating to reduce UV and glare. Its lenses are specially designed to pick up yellow and red, which are the colors that are usually lost at the depth of about 10 feet and more.

Snorkeling in Florida

With calm, warm waters, snorkeling is among the most popular activities that you will find people engaging in here in Florida. The pristine and diverse waters in Florida are best for snorkeling and allow both experts and beginners to explore the rich marine life in Florida from the beach.

Florida is full of amazing snorkeling spots. In fact, snorkelers are usually spoilt for choice. If you are a visitor, you might not even know where to start because these spots are just more than enough, which makes it difficult for anyone to choose which site to choose. This is also a famous spot for body boarders to visit every year to catch some waves.

If you are planning a snorkeling trip to Florida, and you are wondering what spot is best for you, then this list will help you a great deal. Here is a list of the must-visit snorkeling spots in Florida.

  1. Devil’s Den Spring in Williston

How about exploring the water inside a magnificent prehistoric cave at the famous Devil’s Den Spring? It’s one of the best snorkeling sites in Florida, and we recommend that you try it one of these days.  As you go beneath the water, you will fall in love with a very big tunnel system that will open up beneath you to create several opportunities to spot rockfish, crayfish and catfish. Good thing is, you don’t have to come with your own snorkels, fins and masks as they are all available for anyone to rent on site.

  1. Twin Ledges in Fort Lauderdale

Twin Ledges is gorgeous reef located off the shore of the Fort Lauderdale. You will have the opportunity to see brilliant yellow grunt fish and play and swim nearby as you swim above the coral. The reef is also known for its numerous French angelfish, puffer fish, and a wide variety of beautiful, colorful plants.

  1. Banana Reef at Key Largo

Banana Reef, known for its huge schools of tropical fish that love dancing, is among the best snorkeling sites at Key Largo. Be sure to watch for a big queen conch as they move across ocean floor. This extraordinary shallow-water reef is home to colorful parrotfish, barracuda, and brain coral. Don’t worry if you don’t have your snorkeling gear. Just show up and have a good time. Snorkel gear and other equipments are available on site for hire.

  1. Three Sisters Springs at Crystal River

Move smoothly through the water near massive manatees at the Three Sisters Springs. If you come during spring or winter, you will see herds of these tender giants gather together in the warm waters to create the greatest, unique snorkeling opportunities you can ever find in Florida.

Best Kayak Brands

Kayaks are a whole lot of fun and if you are looking to add one to your life then I highly recommend them. Finding the best kayak brands can be very difficult and there are actually quite a lot of things to consider before making your purchase. So let’s take a look in more detail as to what you really need to know when making your purchase! This includes the design of the kayak as well as the best tips for beginners and more!

Shapes of Kayaks

The shape or design of your kayak can considerably change your kayaking experience, if you are a beginner then knowing about the kayak length, width and stability is going to help you out immensely. These 3 things directly affect the manoeuvrability, speed and stability.

Kayak Length

Have you ever seen those really long kayaks? The longer the kayak the more speed it will pick up and maintain. Many competitive kayakers will have very long boats which will maintain speed and help them get over the line quicker. If you have long distances to cover and that is your primary goal with the kayak then a long kayak is the most suitable option.

If you want manoeuvrability and ease of turning your kayak then a shorter kayak is ideal. If you are wanting to leisurely paddle around your area be it a lake, river or ocean then a shorter kayak would be the better choice. They are a lot more stable too.

Also if you have to transport the kayaks long distances then a shorter kayak is going to be much easier to do that with!

Kayak Width

The wider your kayak the more ease you will have getting in and out as well as a lot more stability. The width should also be decided upon when considering how much stuff you want to store in the kayak and take with you. The extra material of a wide kayak will, however, make them a bit heavier which can have transportation issues.

Kayak Stability

For beginners stability is paramount for getting in and out and paddling around. If it is the first time you have used it then you are going to want to choose stability over everything else, no one wants to tip out of their kayak in the middle of a lake and have to get back in! You don’t want to start your first kayaking experience off badly!

Best Kayak for Beginners

In my opinion the best kayak for a beginner is the Sun Dolphin Aruba. This is a 10 foot sit in kayak made from durable material and is very stable.

This kayak has a large open cockpit meaning you can carry everything you need as well as an adjustable padded seat for comfort. Other key features include:

  • Gear storage with shock cord deck rigging
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Durable design
  • Carry handles
  • Water bottle holder

The great thing is that this kayak is made from UV stabilized fortiflex high density polyethylene which is incredibly sturdy and stable.

This kayak is available in quite a few different colors as well!

How to Choose the Best Dive Watches Under 200?

If you want to take up underwater diving, either as a hobby or an underwater activity, it is important to get a good divers watch. Divers’ watches are designed specifically to be used while diving, and must abide by a strict standard laid down by the ISO (International Organization of Standardization). The specific standard happens to be ISO 6425. Find out about some of the important factors to check in order to choose the best dive watches in 2019.

Water resistance

The watch should be water resistant at least at a minimum 100 m depth. While going for underwater diving, you are supposed to go down past 100 m in depth. The depth could be over 300 m in some cases. It is important to ensure that the watch that you are buying is capable of being water resistant for a prolonged time period.


It is possible to get cheap best dive watches under 200, but many of these are fakes. Keep in mind that appearances can be misleading, and it is important to know how to spot genuine ones from fake ones. Authentic divers watches come with a marking having the words DIVER’S WATCH D M or DIVER’S D M, in which D stands for diving depth while M represents meters. If you find a divers watch without such markings, avoid buying it and move on as soon as possible.


The best dive watches under 200 should be readable in full darkness, and at varied levels of depth. You may either purchase digital or analog diver watches. Both of these have a little variance in the criteria for readability. The watch should be capable of reading the present time, and let you know that it is still operational. For instance, the ‘second hand’ in a mechanical divers watch shows that the watch is functional. The tip of the hand glows in darkness, and lets drivers read it.


The watch should also be salty water resistant, given that you would often need to dive in salty sea water. The device needs to be shock and magnetic field resistant. An End of Life (EOL) indicator should be there if you are planning to purchase any of the best dive watches under 200 that are battery-powered in form. This will help you to know when the battery power is reaching its end of life, so that you can return to the surface without any more delay.

What are the best swim fins for training?

Fins offer multiple advantages which helps swimmers to use it for multiple reasons like, to work on technique, to improve our speed and also to loosen up on recovery sets.

Purchasing swim fins can be a difficult and exhausting task and there are several parameters you must keep in mind. Affordable fins are not necessarily the right ones for you as first and foremost comfort matters. You don’t want your fins to come of mid swim and also you don’t want them to burn your feet down in long periods of diving.

Also, you need a pair of fins that not only makes the swim comfortable for you but not only help you make improvements in your best strokes, but to help you to work on your weaknesses.

Worth noting that if you are going snorkeling that you need to get the some top rated fins for snorkeling in 2019 which will be different than swimming.

Some good info for training swim fins

  • Arena Power Fin Pro:-The power fin is certainly one of the firmest fins with not much give while kicking or swimming. Being light in weight and suitably firm it is a great option for amateurs interested to be sprinters as it allows you to get on top of water for more speed.
  • Aqua Sphere Alpha Swim Fins:– The alpha swim fin is evidently comfortable to wear with super strange looks of its own. Fairly suitable for those who struggles to keep their kick going throughout the entirety of a workout or for those whose legs tend to sink.
  • Finis Edge Fin:– The finis edge fins are not only very comfortable but unlike alpha fins they have an amazing design. With full coverage on the top and little opening on the bottom these fins helps to grip water providing awareness of your body movement. This fin hands down is the best option for any swimmer trying to even out their kick.
  • Tyr Burner:– With its basic features and traditional looks they fail to gain much attention. Being super flexible it moulds your feet really well and additionally provides great comfort too. Greatly suggested for long distance swimmers as it provides extra support for kicking.

Looking for the best suitable fins is clearly not easy and requires fair amount of effort. To look for fins according to the field of your swimming is very important as each fin possess advantages of its own.

The Best Wild Game Meat To Eat

Wild game meat tasting is probably one of the fun activities which hunters enjoy after a successful hunting session. Testers have tried and tested several game meats by simply seasoning them with salt and pepper to maintain their original taste and flavor, and then grilled them. After tasting those, what came out as the testers’ experiences are mentioned here.

Taste wise best game meats

The best game meats taste wise are listed here:

  • Elk
  • Antelope
  • Moose
  • Sheep
  • Whitetail
  • Mule Deer

The juiciest among these is the Moose meat.

Other favorites

Some other offbeat favorites in game meats are as follows:

  • Inland Pacific Bear
  • Cape Buffalo
  • Koala Bear
  • Panda
  • Peacock
  • Ruffed Grouse
  • Quail
  • Sunfish
  • Salmon
  • Snapping Turtle
  • Caribou
  • Squirrel

Preserving the game meat till you cook it

While you delve into the question that which game meat would taste the best, you must also develop an understanding of how to preserve the game meat for consumption so that you get the best taste out if it. Here are some tips to preserve the game meat till you cook it:

  • Do not eat the tiniest bit of the meat raw. This will be highly unhealthy and should be avoided at all cost.
  • If you refrigerate then you should cook the meat within 2 to 3 days. Refrigeration beyond 5 days is not recommended.
  • For ground meat and fowl you should not store the meat in cold beyond 2 days.

Some interesting facts

There are restaurants offering off beat and unique game meat dishes which you probably would not know the recipe of. Learning the preparation style for game meats require time and expertise as you hunt again and again. But if you are a beginner, then you may take ideas and explore such places, where they offer many interesting varieties of the game meat prepared in different styles. This will give you nice foods to explore and try while you will be able to filter the best game meats that are palatable to you.

Game meat can be had in several ways. When you are camping and hunting you may not have too many seasonings to add to the taste, and you may have to rely on the basic salt and pepper coking. Else when you carry the meat with you outside the hunting ground you can try recipes on it.

Why Does My Snorkel Mask Fog Up?

A snorkeling mask that gets foggy can mar your whole experience, and also ruin your views of coral and fishes. It can also damage the ease of communication between you and other divers, causing danger to you. You can get distracted enough to lose track of your surroundings or your buoyancy. Find out about some of the main causes of fogging of your snorkeling masks.

Residues from manufacturing process

Often, there are residues left on the lens of new scuba diving masks from the manufacturing method. Until you get rid of the coating from the inner side of your lenses, you will find the mask fogging up continuously. This will occur irrespective of the defogging agent that is utilized.

You can remove the residues in two ways. You may use squirt toothpaste on your lens inside and use a soft cloth or finger to rub it about for some time. You can also use the flame trick to get over this problem. Until your glass gets black, run the flame over the lens insides. This will ensure that there will be no residue to irritate your eyes in any way.


It is generally perceived that contaminants in water are a major cause of fogging of masks. Over a period of time, contaminants and oils can accumulate on the lenses. This can lead to a layer atop the lens, and increase fogging. Divers generally agree that the use of soft detergent or mild liquid soap can be very useful in getting rid of such contaminants. These can also offer a clean surface to ensure professional-grade anti-fog solutions.

Although many people also use spit, it is not a suitable defogger. Spit makes it likelier for bacteria as well as other microbes to get into the crevices and cracks of masks. This leads to a negative cycle of constantly trying to keep a snorkeling mask contaminant-free and clean. It is better to use a basic baby shampoo mixture to scrub the lens and rinse it.


It is also possible to find moisture attaching to the minute flaws in the lens glass. This is the reason why it is important to use baby shampoo or anti-fog products. These serve like surfactants and can decrease the surface tension of the water that is condensing, which makes water / moisture less likely to stick to lens glass. Many people depend on costly anti-fogging agents to ensure cleaning before diving.

Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you are new to snorkeling or don’t particularly like the idea of snorkeling then try using a full face snorkel mask. When it comes to finding the best full face snorkel mask it can be hard to know what to look for. These masks have been around for quite some time but have grown rapidly in popularity once again. These snorkel masks completely encompass the face and allow you to breath naturally via a snorkel on top of your head. They also offer fantastic views of the underwater world so lets take a look at the top 2 full face snorkel masks on the market.

Types of Full Face Snorkel Masks

All full face snorkel masks are the same and they all tend to have the same technology to achieve the same desire result. The main difference lies in the manufacturing design. This can be the size of the mask window, views offered, anti water valve, anti fog properties and ease of use. So when it comes to finding the best full face mask for you please consider these features before making your purchase.

Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel Mask

The pioneers in the full face snorkels the Tribord is their best seller. This mask lets you breath naturally and without hesitation when compared with a standard snorkel and mask set up. The snorkel is fixed to the head of the mask and has an anti water valve so if you were to dive deep you won’t be able to inhale any water nor will any fill your mask.

Breathing through your mouth or nose is much more natural in a full face snorkel mask and the ventilation system prevents your mask from fogging up.

In terms of visibility the mask has a 180degree view of the underwater sights. Not only this but the mask itself is very durable and has been manufactured from polycarbonate which is shatterproof.

Easy Snorkel Full Face Mask

The Easy Snorkel can be used by just about anyone without any issues so if you are very worried about being in the water and snorkelling then a mask like this can help ease any panic.

This mask has a second generation dry snorkel technology meaning there is an anti water entering valve so you do not need to worry about water flowing into your mask. This includes diving under the water as well as being splashed while above the water.

There is a great ease of learning how to use this full face snorkel mask so your next snorkelling holiday will be great. The viewing from this mask is 180 degrees so your visibility is greatly improved with this mask.

If you are snorkelling out of a boat this snorkel also has a protruding neon green tip which allows people including boats and other swimmers to easily notice you. There are also many colors to choose from so if you have a favorite color or swim suit that you would like to match then you can find the right one!

Consider the Best Road Bike for the Money

A road bike is one of the best modes of transportation and is used not only by cyclists but also many people. Road bikes are currently circulating in the market have many types. In addition, the components classified often make the beginner confused. Well, in this article we will explain the points that need to be considered in choosing the best road bike for the money. Here we will explain the points to consider when choosing a road bike. Please use the explanation below as a reference when you want to buy road bike.

Choosing your Bike

Choose the type of bike that suits your needs. Road bikes on the market have many types. Well, below, we will describe the most common types of road bikes. For the race type, focusing on lightweight and operating ability. This type is also called competitive road and is designed to for competing in bicycle races. For long distance cycling, you have to focus on stability and comfort. This type is also called endurance road and is designed for long touring needs that reach 50 miles even up to 100 miles. When compared to other types, this type is equipped with components that reduce shock when cycling. In addition, the shape of this bike makes the rider’s body posture becomes more relaxed, therefore your cycling time will be more comfortable. This universal type can be used for cycling in the urban and off-road.


Body posture that comes forward when cycling is indeed the hallmark of the road bike. However, sometimes it becomes horror if it is not accustomed to riding a road bike because this bike is easy to go quickly. In addition, flat handle has many advantages, among others, it does not make the rider look striking due to body position when cycling, allowing drivers to stop-riding while cycling in places where there are many red lights, and others. For those of you who plan on buying the best road bike for the money and you who want to look more casual while cycling, this type of road bike is highly recommended for you! Of course, the crossed cycle type bike or gravel road is also practical to use for your usual cycling on the streets. The speed of ​​bike that has thick tires which are slower if compared to ordinary tires. However, this is not a problem if your needs are limited only to travel to school or to the office which is usually only a few miles.


Pay attention to frames and components by adjusting your budget. For people who first bought the best road bike for the money, they will usually drive a road bike that still uses the built-in components. The ability of a bicycle is determined by the quality of its components. Consider the weight, price, and convenience of various bicycle frames. The most important thing to consider when you buy a road bike is the selection of frames. Another point to note is the raw material. Raw materials commonly used to create frames on road bikes include low-cost aluminum and lightweight steel are superior in terms of shock absorbing, as well as carbon that is very lightweight and widely used in luxury cars. If you find difficult to compare frame road bike materials, we recommend you to choose frames of aluminum road bikes that can save power for maintenance.

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