Choosing the Best Snorkel Gear

It is nice to play in the water, especially when it’s a weekend or holiday, to release fatigue, just refreshing after all week doing routine activities. Certainly, it will be very fun and exciting if you decide to enjoy the sea. However, it can be more interesting if you want to consider water sport as one of your options. Water sports are more fun and refreshing not only for your mind but also the body. I highly recommend snorkeling and for that you need the best snorkel gear.

One of the water sports you can enjoy is diving underwater and seeing the beautiful scenery. However, for diving, it takes expertise and special perfect tools for different levels. The higher level you are, the more costly it is. Well, if you have not been able to perform diving certification or rarely dive down the sea, you can do the snorkeling activity at sea. Even those who cannot swim can also do this activity. There are some safe things to do even for the first time snorkeling. Snorkeling is a state where you swim or dive in a shallow zone. The snorkeling done of course uses tools. Therefore, you must be smart in choosing the best snorkel gear. This is to guarantee your safety and comfort in the water. There are 3 tools used for snorkeling. They are maske, snorkel, and fin. Sometimes a jacket is also required. Snorkeling is basically just a way of breathing, which was previously inhaled and ejected through the mouth in a snorkel hose. Therefore, just breathe as usual. Before going into the sea, for a moment you have to breathe through the snorkel hose to get used to it. Snorkeling is not just for those who can swim. People who cannot swim can also enjoy it and must be accompanied by a more experienced person.

Snorkel Mask

The first best snorkel gear that you should note is a mask. It is because an improper mask will make you feel uncomfortable. The way to choose a mask is to place a mask on your face without using the strap. After that, take a deep breath and hold it. If the mask is attached, you are fit to use it. Another thing that becomes your goal is choosing the right materials, rubber will be great option. The shape of the hose resembles a ā€œJā€ letter, it functions as the way you push out CO2 and it also becomes protection for your mouth at the bottom, so it will help you to breathe. Put the hose in your mouth so you do not need to lift up your head and face from the water surface when breathing. When choosing a snorkel, choose a flexible material because it indicates it is good quality. You should also check the inside, whether it is slippery or not. The slick inside will make it easier for you to inhale and exhale the air in the water.


Fins or frog legs are tools made of rubber and have a fin-like shape that extends at the end of the foot. The function of these fins is to increase your legs performance. Try to choose a not too narrow, tight or fast fin. You can fit it to your foot size. If you just want to snorkel, you should choose a closed toad frog (pocket leg or full leg), which has a short fin tip and is available in a variety of shoe sizes. In addition, the tip of the cool-headed fins is more flexible. The best snorkel gear can make it very easy to move.

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