How to Choose the Best Dive Watches Under 200?

If you want to take up underwater diving, either as a hobby or an underwater activity, it is important to get a good divers watch. Divers’ watches are designed specifically to be used while diving, and must abide by a strict standard laid down by the ISO (International Organization of Standardization). The specific standard happens to be ISO 6425. Find out about some of the important factors to check in order to choose the best dive watches in 2019.

Water resistance

The watch should be water resistant at least at a minimum 100 m depth. While going for underwater diving, you are supposed to go down past 100 m in depth. The depth could be over 300 m in some cases. It is important to ensure that the watch that you are buying is capable of being water resistant for a prolonged time period.


It is possible to get cheap best dive watches under 200, but many of these are fakes. Keep in mind that appearances can be misleading, and it is important to know how to spot genuine ones from fake ones. Authentic divers watches come with a marking having the words DIVER’S WATCH D M or DIVER’S D M, in which D stands for diving depth while M represents meters. If you find a divers watch without such markings, avoid buying it and move on as soon as possible.


The best dive watches under 200 should be readable in full darkness, and at varied levels of depth. You may either purchase digital or analog diver watches. Both of these have a little variance in the criteria for readability. The watch should be capable of reading the present time, and let you know that it is still operational. For instance, the ‘second hand’ in a mechanical divers watch shows that the watch is functional. The tip of the hand glows in darkness, and lets drivers read it.


The watch should also be salty water resistant, given that you would often need to dive in salty sea water. The device needs to be shock and magnetic field resistant. An End of Life (EOL) indicator should be there if you are planning to purchase any of the best dive watches under 200 that are battery-powered in form. This will help you to know when the battery power is reaching its end of life, so that you can return to the surface without any more delay.

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