Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

If you are new to snorkeling or don’t particularly like the idea of snorkeling then try using a full face snorkel mask. When it comes to finding the best full face snorkel mask it can be hard to know what to look for. These masks have been around for quite some time but have grown rapidly in popularity once again. These snorkel masks completely encompass the face and allow you to breath naturally via a snorkel on top of your head. They also offer fantastic views of the underwater world so lets take a look at the top 2 full face snorkel masks on the market.

Types of Full Face Snorkel Masks

All full face snorkel masks are the same and they all tend to have the same technology to achieve the same desire result. The main difference lies in the manufacturing design. This can be the size of the mask window, views offered, anti water valve, anti fog properties and ease of use. So when it comes to finding the best full face mask for you please consider these features before making your purchase.

Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel Mask

The pioneers in the full face snorkels the Tribord is their best seller. This mask lets you breath naturally and without hesitation when compared with a standard snorkel and mask set up. The snorkel is fixed to the head of the mask and has an anti water valve so if you were to dive deep you won’t be able to inhale any water nor will any fill your mask.

Breathing through your mouth or nose is much more natural in a full face snorkel mask and the ventilation system prevents your mask from fogging up.

In terms of visibility the mask has a 180degree view of the underwater sights. Not only this but the mask itself is very durable and has been manufactured from polycarbonate which is shatterproof.

Easy Snorkel Full Face Mask

The Easy Snorkel can be used by just about anyone without any issues so if you are very worried about being in the water and snorkelling then a mask like this can help ease any panic.

This mask has a second generation dry snorkel technology meaning there is an anti water entering valve so you do not need to worry about water flowing into your mask. This includes diving under the water as well as being splashed while above the water.

There is a great ease of learning how to use this full face snorkel mask so your next snorkelling holiday will be great. The viewing from this mask is 180 degrees so your visibility is greatly improved with this mask.

If you are snorkelling out of a boat this snorkel also has a protruding neon green tip which allows people including boats and other swimmers to easily notice you. There are also many colors to choose from so if you have a favorite color or swim suit that you would like to match then you can find the right one!

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