Bike Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your bike is going to keep it performing at its’ best as well as for longer! By keeping on top of the maintenance required you will have a considerably longer relationship with your bike. Not only this but you are going to save money in parts further down that track if you maintain yours.

Riding a well maintained bike is an experience and it’s not until you’ve ridden one that is poorly kept or if you have recently serviced your own bike. So in the following post I’ll share my top tips for keeping your bike well maintained.

Clean your Bike Regularly

Hot soapy water and a simple sponge is all you’ll need to keep your bike nice and clean. In addition to this you can use a de-greaser on the chain. Once you have washed and rinser the bike you can also add a lubricant to the gears and the chain.

It is very important to wash your bike after riding in wet and cold weather where corrosive materials can fly up from the road onto your bike. This includes salts used on roads in the winter. It may seem like it’s not a big deal but it really is! Something as simple as wiping down your bike can do wonders for the longevity.

Check your Tire’s

Look for any wear and tear on your tires before and after rides. Catching these early can save you the hassle of fixing a puncture while out and about. You may have debris and other items lodged in your tires and be completely unaware. You also should check the tyre pressure and make sure it is in line with the recommended psi. If they are over inflated you have a high risk of pinch punctures as well as an uncomfortable ride. If they are too soft then peddling feels like such a challenge!

Check your Brakes

Like the tyres, I check for any signs of wear and tear. These are your lifeline so make sure they are functioning well. If they are overly worn then metal on metal braking never ends well. By checking you brakes you can replace them before they become a huge issue.

Listen for Any Odd Sounds

The headset and cranks can have lateral movement so I always suggest checking for any signs of this. This part of the bike handles the brunt of the torque and pressure so it’s understandable that they come loose from time to time.

Adjust your Saddle

Got a squeaky seat? Does it bother you? Because it drives me insane! If this is the case then remove the saddle, give it a good clean and apply a few drops of oil. Dry it off and put it back on.


Test they all shift freely before setting off on a long ride, most of them are pre-indexed but I always check this. If they start to become stuck or limited in mobility then you can apply some lubricant. These are a critical component to your bike so be sure to take this part seriously.


If you’ve got a squeak chain it can be as simple as applying a light lubricant and wiping away any excess leftover. This is going to stop the squeak and help your chain run smoothly with each rotation.

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